holy crow

so for real, it’s been a time.

2020, incase you haven’t noticed, has been a veritable shit show of epic proportions. we’re in the midst of a global pandemic (yep. pandemic. like a legit outbreak type situation). we’ve been working from home since march. we’re masked when we go out. there are all sorts of restrictions about everything: you can’t eat indoors (as of tomorrow at least), no bars that don’t serve food, no more than 6 people in a party. no weddings. no parties. the holidays look like they’re going to be cancelled – just because it’s so hard for people to get together.

there have been, on more than one occasion, police officers who have shot and killed people of color (notably black folx) and not having a whole lot of anything done to them. there have been protests, sometimes violent uprisings about all of this. i don’t understand what’s so fucking hard about the idea that black lives matter. the idea that brown lives matter. the idea that trans lives matter. that queer lives matter. that all lives CAN’T matter until we recognize that these lives matter too.

oh yeah, and it’s an election year. the cheeto is still in charge – hopefully that changes next tuesday. the choice isn’t perfect, but it’s better… remember that your vote is not a valentine, you’re not pledging your undying love. we’ve got to work together.

i’d say i’ll get off my soapbox now – but you came here to see my soapbox.

the last thing i’m going to say is this: be kind. it’s not that hard at the end of the day. be kind – to others, but almost more importantly – be kind to yourself. have grace. remember we’re all on this raft floating in this shit sea together. drink your water, get some sun (especially since it’s already getting chilly here in chicago), do your stretches. we’ll get through it.


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