who said you can’t go home?

I struggle a lot with impostor syndrome. No matter how hard I try, it infiltrates everything I do – everything I write personally, academically or professionally (hi, there’s a reason I haven’t written a blog post in about two years). It makes me doubt myself at work. It makes me worry about my interpersonal relationshipsContinue reading “who said you can’t go home?”

the trouble with discomfort

the world is an incredibly uncomfortable place to navigate. i’d like it to go back to something else. the last month has been a veritable shit show. hurricane harvey. then irma. then maria. devistation across texas. florida. barbuda. puerto rico. earthquakes in mexico. then came what is being called the largest mass shooting in contemporary american history.Continue reading “the trouble with discomfort”

warning, this is a self indulgent whine. so you know, nothing new.

i’m having a rough time with the eating. this is bad. i spent a lot of time in treatment this summer, and eating has to happen for me. i’m trying so hard, and i feel like i’m failing so hard. i’ve been fighting a headache all day, and when i don’t feel well, eating isContinue reading “warning, this is a self indulgent whine. so you know, nothing new.”