warning, this is a self indulgent whine. so you know, nothing new.

i’m having a rough time with the eating. this is bad. i spent a lot of time in treatment this summer, and eating has to happen for me. i’m trying so hard, and i feel like i’m failing so hard.

i’ve been fighting a headache all day, and when i don’t feel well, eating is even harder.  i got my flu shot thursday, so everything hurts. i’m doing that thing where i’m both tired and wide awake.

i know this is the anxiety. this is everything screwing with me. this is me making progress and falling back. i go back to work tomorrow, and it’s new. i mean, it’s a department i’ve worked in before – but in an office i’ve never worked in. so it’s new and old and i’m spinning.

those are tires you hear folks. everything is spinning.

so i’m going to go to bed and remind myself that tomorrow is a new day, with new chances.


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sometimes wordy, often intermittent. insight into my day to day.

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